New Video: NO MAKEUP Makeup Tutorial

Hello Lovelies!
So I don't know about you guys but I always feel the most confident when I have just enough makeup to hide my bothersome acne scars, or to contour my flat face, while not making it obvious to the world that I'm wearing makeup. I think a lot of you will probably also feel the same way, yes? Who doesn't love a natural, model-esq, effortless looking face? 

And to top off the reasons for my newest video- finding the makeup that suits you. Since I am of a darker, tanned, skin tone, I've always found it hard to find makeup that suits me and looks natural. Let's be honest- makeup industries, especially drugstore, don't often cater to the extremes of the color spectrum. I understand the logistics behind it but honestly, I probably would've felt a lot better about myself growing up if I didn't feel excluded by an entire industry and looked like a pale clown whenever I tried to put makeup on. 

So the point is-- I've finally done it! I've found a simple NO MAKEUP makeup routine to suit me and probably many others who share my features! 

Watch the video HERE and I hope this video hopes many of you achieve a comfortable natural look, or at least gives you some inspiration. 

REMEMBER, it takes a while to find the perfect routine for you, but it is out there! Never feel discouraged by the seeming lack of options at the drugstore. Search YouTube ;) that's what we're there for.



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