♥ OOTD: I Feel Winter Coming On

Hi Guys,
So for a long time in the New York City area where I live, the weather has been quite unsure of itself. We've had December days comparable to those of May and not a single flurry in sight. But the past few days the cold air has pushed through and I think I may feel winter coming on! If you know me, you'd know that I'm extremely susceptible to cold and winter isn't my favorite season. I do however love snow and I'm excited to break out my stash of winter boots! Today's outfit features a slight mix of the seasons, comparable to what I think mother nature is feeling at the moment. 
P.S. I've included my favorite coffee mug at the bottom of the post to really set the mood hehe #coffeeaddict

♥ Outfit

♥ Top: Topshop
♥ Jeans: Abercrombie Kids
♥ Jacket: Uniqlo
♥ Shoes: Ralph Lauren
♥ Necklace: Forever21 
♥ Earrings (1st Hole): Kate Spade

(this is my selfie for the day because I am essentially this mug)


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