Fast and Easy Way to Straighten your Hair!

Hey guys!
Ever have trouble straightening your hair quickly right before school? Or maybe before work? (I sound rather like an informercial right now lol) Well I've perfected a technique that combines blow drying with flat ironing to quickly straighten many different hair types! I have naturally wavy hair but this will work on just about any hair type that tolerates brushing. (I'm not quite sure about tight curls because they could just frizz with brushing...but you never 
know until you try!

Basically what you do is the following:
Wash your hair
Wait until it's 10% damp and blow dry it while simultaneously brushing it with a round brush *DO NOT press the blow drier to your hair, it will burn your hair*
When most of the major curls/waves are flattened out, go in with a flat iron to touch up

And then you're done! Because you're alternating with forms of heat and not using them for long, this is typically less damaging. Also, using a blow drier saves time and covers a large area quickly so this technique is fast. It's perfect for back to school (or work) and those hectic mornings when you're in a rush! Whenever I do this, my hair can be pin straight, but usually I curl the ends for a natural effect.

♡ For more info check out my YouTube channel, or watch the video below!


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