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Well hello there!

*If you want to hear about my actual favorites and not my life scroll down and skip the first 3 paragraphs! Sorry I tend to ramble...*

It has been quite a while hasn't it... Currently, as I am writing this, it is December 2, 2013. It has been about two months since my last blog post. Saying it aloud it seems that it has been a massive amount of time, but in reality time has flown! Since October, when I had last posted, a whole ton of stuff has happened. Dance season has been kicked into high gear therefore resulting in thursdays, saturdays and sundays full of dance practice and no time for anything other than homework. Furthermore junior year of high school is a complete nightmare. Schoolwork is hard and some of it just unnecessary. To add to my stress and anxiety, personal problems have arisen as well which is completely called for since I usually get myself into trouble. In addition I had been to Florida during November, whilst battling emotional trauma. So all in all it has been a busy Autumn and beginning of the school year. 

So basically everything above is catching up y'all on my life. If you would like more of these 'life' posts, just ask :) I aim to please. Anyways, I will probably keep this post on my favorites short and sweet since it has been a while since these months... If you would like to see my youtube video version of my September/October favorites click HERE

As for my upcoming November favorites, due to my lack of time I have decided I want to try to film a new sort of video for my favorites. I was inspired by one of my all time favorite beautygurus and my videography IDOL, Hellokatyxo on youtube so check out her video that inspired me HERE!

Finally! Onto the actual favorites! 

Revlon Photoready Translucent Finishing Powder: Now I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this product in one of my previous favorites videos, I think perhaps the May favorites, but nonetheless I adore it! This powder is great for people like me whose skin tones changes constantly because it is translucent so you do not have to get color matched! I also find that the powder is quite fine so it leave a smooth finish over your face and prevents oiliness throughout the day!

Sonia Kashuk Dual Ended Brush: On one side of this brush there is a small powder brush and the other side there is an angled brush perfect for blush and contouring! Although I am not in love with the brush itself, since the bristles aren't that soft and they fall out a lot, I am in love with the idea of it! The small powder brush is perfect for my setting powder since my face isn't that large and the blush/bronzer brush is a nice small shape that fits the '3' shape of my face where blush and bronzer is applied! It is really convenient to have both types of brushes in one brush! I am still looking for a better made brush though. 
*The second brush I believe*

Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation: Although I do not wear foundation I do purchase some from time to time so that I will have for my dance competitions and performances :) I think this stick foundation is so convenient because it is in stick form and you can easily just dab it on your face and blend it in with your fingers. Furthermore it has a powder core with a ring of foundation around it. The powder core fights oiliness throughout the day which is perfect for my combination/oily skin! I do find it easy to blend as well as a nice shape to apply as under eye concealer. 

Maybelline Great Lash Clear Mascara: This mascara is notorious for its use as a brow gel because of its nice formula and clear color. I do find it perfect for those days when you feel like you need an extra boost in a natural makeup look. This mascara lengthens and separates your eyelashes but without harsh black color so it results in perfect natural looking lashes for those 'no makeup makeup' days!

Sephora Palette- Brown Eyeshadow: This palette I did mention in my August favorites, however I have fallen in love with a specific eyeshadow in the palette! The first eyeshadow in the second row of the palette (going left to right) is the perfect eyebrow color for me! It is a nice grayish brown color that is a good neutral for my brown/black hair! The eyeshadow consistency is great for brows as it stays all day without a brow gel!

Merona Heeled Booties: Recently I stumbled upon these black booties with gold accents from the brand Merona in Target! I always seem to find good shoes in Target :) I believe these booties were featured in another blog post so if you would like to see how I styled them, go check it out! I think these pleather (fake leather) booties have the perfect amount of edginess for the winter/autumn time, especially with the angled cut of the shoes. The gold accents make it a bit girlier and easier to style! The heel is a nice height, about 3 inches I'd say. Although they do hurt if you walk around in them all day. Or maybe its just me since I'm rubbish at walking in heels... I wear them to school all the time and my school day is around 7 hours or so, including walking to and from and such. 

Flannels: I do love me some flannels! I had bought a nice quality flannel shirt from Forever 21, which I believe is true flannel material. It is super warm and cozy and extremely easy to dress up or down! I think flannels are essential to any Autumn/ Winter wardrobe. 

Makeup Caddy: Target never ceases to surprise me with goodies. In the bathroom section there are tons of storage and organization supplies and it was there that I had found the perfect thing for me! This little caddy/basket/thing has two compartments that are connected. It is completely acrylic material (or maybe plastic..what the diff?) which is extremely easy to clean. In the first section there are tall slots ranging in depth and wideness for things like brushes, eyeliners, shadowsticks, and the like. Well I use them for those things anyway.. Then in the second compartment there is a much wider tray type thing where I store bronzers, blushes, and powders. I also keep spot treatments and random things I use there. Basically this caddy is perfect for all my products I use on an everyday-ish basis. I keep my most used products there along with my brushes for easy access and the whole caddy is set at the front of my dresser. It is SOOOO convenient I love it! I also remember it not costing much so Target has done it again! 


Post Cinnamon Hazelnut Cereal: I'm pretty sure I have also included this in one of my favorites but I really do love this cereal! I am lactose intolerant so basically it hurts when I drink/eat milk products. Usually I take cereal with a bit of milk in the mornings before school just to get some calcium into my body XD I haven't come across many healthy cereals that I enjoy however I LOVE THIS CEREAL! It has the perfect blend of all natural ingredients combined with minimal sugar and many nuts! There is also a ton of protein in this cereal with is just icing on the cake! (or the cereal I should say ;) 

So that concludes my post on my much overdue favorites! Don't forget to check out the video and leave comments down below (or on my video) of what you would like to see!




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