OOTW: 10/7-10/11 *extremely overdue*

Hello Everybody!
I'm back after another pretty long absence... I'm am truly very sorry. I've had so much APUSH homework and I've also recently started writing for my school newspaper about fashion and beauty. In addition to that I am in WAKSMAN so that takes up a ton of time. But enough of my ranting, let's get on with the OOTW!
But Wait There's More!
- If you guys want me to put my articles I write for the newspaper up on my blog I will definitely do that for you guys!
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*UPDATE* Wow I had never published this post... I guess I was waiting to add the rest of my outfits from the week but I never dressed presentably the rest of the week so... I guess I'll post this now... About 2 months later :D #yolo jk that makes no sense

♥  Monday: 

♥  Top: Forever 21
♥  Skirt: Forever 21
♥  Tights: Express
♥  Ballet Flats: Marshalls
♥ Necklace: Forever 21
♥  Watch: Anne Klein
♥  Bracelet: Tiffany Co

♥  Tuesday:

♥  Top: Charlotte Russe
♥  High-waisted Shorts: Forever 21
♥  Tights: Express
♥  Combat Boots: Steve Madden
♥  Necklace: Forever 21
♥  Bracelet: Tiffany Co
♥  Watch: Anne Klein

♥  Wednesday:

♥  Top: Target
♥  Jeans: Delias
♥  Booties: Target
♥  Necklace: Forever 21
♥  Watch: Anne Klein

Soni (I'm on the right lol) 


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