OOTD: 9/30 "These Boots Aren't Made for Walking"

Hello Everybody!
For the week of September 30th I do not have an entire week of OOTDs so therefore I cannot post an OOTW post or make a video. (Cue the "Awwws") :( So sorry but believe it or not, I re-wear my clothes quite frequently and I'm sure it would get rather boring to see repeat outfits all the time. Since I only did OOTDs for two days this week, I'll dedicate two whole blog posts to them! If you would like to see my OOTDs updated frequently check out the Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr links on my Contact Me tab of this blog! Otherwise, continue reading this post and stay tuned for more!  

♥  Monday: 

♥  Top: Target
♥  Jeans: Hollister Co
♥  Boots: Target
 {These boots were the center piece of the outfit since they are new but through out my busy day consisting of walking up and down hills to my bus stop and through out my school, I came to realize, these boots are indeed NOT made for walking and need quite a bit of breaking in}
♥  Necklace: Forever 21
♥  Watch: Michael Kors



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