♥ August 2013 Monthly Favorites! ♥

Hello everybody! 
For my YouTube channel every month I film a monthly favorites video featuring my beauty, fashion, food, and life favorites! I thought I would kind of do a written version here on my blog and you can see what I've been loving. 

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Benefit's Watt's Up: Now imma be real with you guys here. I don't wear much makeup, and NO its not because I have perfect skin... *psht I wish* It's because I have sensitive skin and oily skin and products usually irritate it and make it oilier. Sometimes I like a little highlighter here and there because it makes my skin look glowy and not just oily. Watt's up is perfect because it has golden undertones which complements my tan skin tone! It really brings out my cheek bones and I think it's the perfect summer highlight to bring out your tan!

*phew that was a ramble*

Sephora Artist Color Box: This was actually gifted to me for my birthday by my little cousin!  At first I didn't think I would get much use out of it because the majority of the colors are intense but nevertheless I was wrong. The shadows are pigmented and there isn't much fallout! The colors are perfect for a night out or a concert, which is what I did. And don't even get me started on the eyeliners. They are SUPER bright and pigmented colors and glide on so creamily (is that a word?). I absolutely love them <3

L'Oreal Wet Caress Lip Lacquer: The color I've been loving is coral tattoo. Now these lip lacquers received some harsh criticism. I think that is because they are tricky to apply. You have to apply it in coats and let each coat dry. Once applied (I use about 3 coats) it isn't sticky at all and the finish actually resembles something powdery. The color is pigmented and super long lasting. Also went applied it just feels like water! 

Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer: I've been loving the lip shimmer in the color rhubarb. It is the perfect "your lips but better" shade for me. I have naturally pretty pigmented lips so nudes don't look so good. This color is minty and moisturizing and looks completely natural with a little shine. Not to mention it is completely natural itself. :)

L'Oreal Carbon Black Intense Liquid Liner: I believe this is the name but a link is on my video. This liner is just *mwah* perfection! The brush tip applicator is smooth and applies a rich black pigment. It is literally the blackest black ever. I would not recommend this liner to beginners though because the brush tip is a bit challenging but once you get the hang of it, it makes the perfect smooth lines. You can create a thick or thin line with this so it is absolutely essential. 

Nike Trainers: The trainers I've got are so comfortable and they are too cute! I bought mine at Kohl's on sale and it was such a steal; I believe they were only $75 or less because there was an additional discount! Mine are gray, white, and neon green and they match with absolutely everything. I can be stylish while supporting my feet correctly! 

Annie's Bunny Fruit Snacks: I have long been a lover of fruit snacks but alas they were all unhealthy... But not anymore! I found these Annie's bunny shaped fruit snacks in Whole Foods Market and they are pretty healthy for you. With all natural ingredients and natural flavoring they are a waaaay better alternative to regular fruit snacks! Also they come in loads of delicious flavors like pink lemonade and berry!

Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Frappucino: Now if you haven't tried this yet finish reading this post and go GET YOU SOME!!!! This is such a delicious drink. I have always loved pumpkin spice cake but they have it in a frappucino form at Starbucks!!! The cool drink is refreshing while warm and soothing at the same time because of the homey flavour. I think it is the best fall pick me up and it just gets you in the autumn spirit! To me it tastes creamy and smooth like liquid cookies. If anyone here is a Percy Jackson fan, I'd imagine this is what Percy's version of Nectar tastes like. *nerd reference XD sowie* 

So those are all my product favorites, if you would like to here about my event favorite or music favorites, go watch my video on it and check the description box for the music links!!! If you want a thorough blog post on my event favorite, just leave a comment here :D




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