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As promised, in my first few posts I will be introducing myself to y'all! My first post was more of a beauty aspect. This post will be sharing my life and dreams with you guys! ^_^ 
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So as you may or may not know I have a YouTube channel. My channel (linked right there!) 

My channel is about the same ideas as my blog. It is based around fashion, beauty, life, and dreams. Occasionally I do vlogs and I am considering doing collaborations and other types of videos. For a while it has been a dream of mine to make my YouTube channel successful and well known. I'd love to share my loves and ideas with a wide audience. I want to be able to make a life out of my passions! I think that is the beauty of life, that you are given opportunities to make it the best and most personally satisfying life possible, and why not do that? Another somewhat strange dream of mine, YouTube related, is to make comedy videos. I mean I think I'm pretty funny I suppose. ;) A bit of insight into my YouTube life: To make my videos, I normally make them after school when the sun is still out because I rely on natural lighting in addition to my studio light. A little tip to beginners, natural lighting always looks better than artificial! :) As per my videos, I do take requests and I try to cater to popular demand as well as throwing my own spin on things! If you would like to know how I got started on YouTube, I wrote all about it on the About section of this blog. Currently I have 71 videos up on my channel and 912 subscribers! 

I would like to make it to 1000 subscribers before I start school, which is on Sept 9. Do check it out and leave your social networking sites in the comments so we can chat! 

So yah I think that is a pretty good summary of my YouTube life and dreams! 

So let's interact!
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Let me know in the comments what some of your dreams are so we can get to know each other! 



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